OK Koffie


Organic, Fairtrade, UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance are known labels on coffee packaging. But these labels don’t say anyhing about the coffee quality, pollution and energy consumption during the roasting of coffee. OK coffee, the new coffee label of CoffeeXperts in Enkhuizen is the first label that guarantees sustainable roasted coffee.

Roasting coffee is an environmentally unfriendly process. During roasting large quantities of smoke and volatiles emitted. Conventional coffee roasters use huge amounts of gas with a very negative carbon footprint as a result. Compensation takes place sometimes, but prevention is always better.

Coffee Roasting 2.0

The coffee roasting technology has hardly changed over the last 100 years. This changed in 2010, by the development of the U.S. Loring Smart Roaster, an environmentally friendly alternative came available. This roaster achieves 80% energy savings and a significant reduction of emissions.

At the Loring Smart Roaster is the process computer controlled and monitored by sensors on all critical locations. This state-of the-art machine combines all modern production technologies the artisanal aspect is completely transparent, verifiable and reproducible.

The patented “Flavor Lock” technology ensures a better taste, because the coffee is heated in an oxygen-free environment where volatile flavoring substances not oxidize or evaporate through the chimney.

CoffeeXperts and sustainability

CoffeeXperts tries to perform its operations as much as possible CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). The Loring Smart Roaster fits in its efforts to sustain their business operations.


We all know the gesture which we indicate that we find something OK. This gesture was the inspiration for the logo of OK COFFEE.