We write July 17th. 2013, when around 10 AM Malcolm Quarleri of Coffee Technical Solutions arrives in Enkhuizen. Today we will start up our new Loring Kestrel S35 Smart Roaster. We know Malcom, because we have seen and spoken him in Nice during the SCAE trade show two weeks ago. We had several e-mail and Skype conversations in the past to discuss what we will do today and tomorrow. But first coffee time.

Now it’s time to where this visit is all about. As fas as we knew we installed all the bits and parts. Only the electrical power kabel and the kabel to generate the spark for the burner were not connected by us. We also didn’t connected the roaster to the LAN cable, because we didn’t had one close to the roaster. Malcom checked all what was connected by us and came to the conclusion that everything was in place and mounted well.

Time to put on the two missing connections. Malcom told us he was not sure our gas pipe was big enough for what the roaster asks for. But that we will find out when the roaster will be fired up. Time fly when you have fun, so around 1:30 PM we had lunch upstairs and after lunch it was time for the first startup of our roaster. After a few changes in the gas and air mixture we had a good flame on 20% capacity of the burner. With the increase of the burner capacity we found out where Malcom was affraid for. The gas preassure was not strong enough. After a call with the installation company we came to the conclusion that there should be inslalled a new gas meter, able to supply more preassure and also the gas pipe need a bigger diameter. We need 28mm and not the 22mm we have now. All this takes time, but it is what it is.

We might not be able to use the roaster on the full capacity right now, which means not the full 35 Kg., but only 15 Kg. for now. But al least we can use the roaster and get to know how it works. We can play with the computer and do some roasting as long as we do not use the burner capacity for more than 60%. So no, we do not full use of the roaster, but yes we can roast coffee when we like.

After a test roast with low quality coffee we special bought for this start up test roasting, we decided to connect the internet to the roaster. After all, we only have one evening with Malcom and the USA, where this roaster is made just woke up for their morning. With the help of Loring technical support, another laptop and patients we managed to connect the roaster to the router and now we are able to send out the data of the roast and also see on our computer upstairs what the roastmaster downstairs will see on the screen of the roaster.

The disatvantage about installing computer hard and software is that it takes long and around 9:30 PM we left the roastery to have dinner at the hotel where we booked a room for Malcom. During dinner we discussed some things and came to the conclusion that even though the gas preassure was not high enough, we had a good first installation day and tomorrow we could do some roasting to get to know our new machine.

July 18th. 2013. Arriving around 8 AM at the roastery. First a cupping session. Yesterday we roasted a gourmet espresso blend on the new roaster with two different profiles. We also had saved some of the same blend from the tuesday roast on our Diedrich IR-7 roaster. Those three gourmet coffee blends we put on the table for a cupping session. Here comes the title of this blogpost around the corner. The first impression of the results which came out of the Loring Smart Roaster. What we did not expected came out to be true. Even with a pre-blended roast of a gourmet espresso blend, the difference in taste was so noticable for us, that we now already came to the conclusion we made the right choice buying a Loring Smart Roaster.

Because we prepared almost everything before Malcom came to us and because we had a good first installation day this will be a good day for more test roasting. We did two or three roastings, had lunch upstairs again and did another two roastings in the afternoon. We ended this second day early around 4 PM. All we wanted Malcom to do, was done. Now it’s up to us to fine tune the roasting and wait for the new gas meter and installation of the bigger gas pipe, which unfortunately will not be done before August 19th. 2013.

We went to our own home, because Malcom’s plane would leave on 9:30 PM, so we had time enough to have a dinner at our home. We took out the BBQ and while I showed Malcom around in Enkhuizen Tosca bought all we needed for dinner. We had a salad, with meat on the BBQ outside in our little garden. We discussed about coffee and roasting. Around 7:15 we drove Malcom to the airport and there this story ends.