Kestrel S35Loring’s advancing technologies have allowed us for radically new ways to minimize the environmental impact during our coffee production. Due to the staggering biodiversity values that are being threatened by the practice of harvesting coffee, the majority of coffee customers are unaware that “Fair Trade” and “Organic” is only half of the battle.

An incredible and often unrecognized amount of work goes into the process of roasting coffee once it has been harvested and hulled. At this pivotal point in production, the notions of ‘Fair Trade’ and ‘Organic’ can go no further. Normal roasting processes create issues such as water pollution, air pollution, and unnecessary energy consumption.

Here at CoffeeXperts, we not only strive to make you delicious, high quality coffee, but we do it with as little environmental impact as these emerging Loring technologies allow. We soon start roasting our coffee using a new eco-friendly coffee roaster that uses 80% less natural gas and greatly reduces the amount of CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere. Our facility uses LED light to help reduce our energy consumption.

Again this is a big first step in the direction of CSR
(Corporate Social Responsibility).

When I write this Blogpost, our new roaster will be on display in Nice (France) during the SCAE World of Coffee trade show and afterwards shipped to our facility in Enkhuizen.

More information with pictures, movies and stories will follow in the upcoming week(s).